i’m in

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i’m in

so yeah, i’m in…twice. solo and quartet! i’m praising God. the quartet is hot. we had so much fun last night. and we’re each so different so together we make a very very unique mix. the bass is a typical male bass singer. then there’s me. the lead is a girl with a lot of blues background. her voice is similar to elvis but with a bit more of a low edge (don’t know really how to describe it) then the topo harmony is a bluegrass girl with the twang in her voice. it’s so crazy how we actually work. that’s what hours of practice will enable. and our name is fabulous. “three angels and him”

i know you like that!

my name was called first and i got all excited and relieved. i’d try to convince myself that if i didn’t make it, i would be cool. after all, i didn’t come here to show out.

but, let’s be real. i would have been devastated.

but now i’m cloud 9ing!

and i’ve got to take a quick nap and get back a bit of energy. last night i was out till midnight with some friends and ben speer. hehee. i love dropping names. my boy ben was out chillin with me and gang last night. okay. yeah. for real though, it was a load of fun!

and now i’m a bit more wasted.

there was something else i wanted to talk about last night when i should have written but didn’t due to my desire to go out and eat instead. singing from the heart takes all the carbs out of the system.

oh, yes. there’s a 15 yr old boy in my theory class who has a wicked bass voice. oh my word! last night during auditions i was shocked out of my mind! afterward i kept hitting him (playfully of course like a big sister hits a little brother) and saying how great his voice is. he smiled that lovely little boy smile and said thank you in his louisiana accent.

i now have quite a few little brothers, all of whom i’ll miss quite a bit when all is over. i can’t imagine what next week will be like. no theory class to go to. no group singing. none of these folks will be in my space. i know i’ll cry tonight. man!

coming here is one of the best decisions i’ve ever made! i’m going to give it my all tonight, sing like my life depends on it because it does.

ya’ll God’s eyes still work. He’s still watching over us. He still cares which way we move. so i’m going to sing because i’m happy and because i’m free.


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