i don’t care how you get here…just get here!

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i don’t care how you get here…just get here!

frustrated by time ill spent, i finally opened up the Bible for my daily reading time. i’m at Matthew 20–parable of the vineyard workers.

i’ve always only focused on the idea of fairness/unfairness regarding how the vineyard owner paid his workers. today i read it differently and i hope to always remember this reading.

Jesus (the vineyard owner) doesn’t care when/how i get to heaven (how much i get paid); he just wants me to get there (get paid). and heaven (the pay) is the same for everyone. whether you started walking with him (working in the vineyard) at age 8 or 98 (at 10am or 5pm) heaven is the same (equal pay for unequal work coz obviously it’s not about your work!).

“just get here,” Jesus is saying. “i don’t care how you get here…just get here”

and with my new-found desire to live in the present, the journey with God begins now all the time. doesn’t matter that i was baptized at 14. the journey begins now…every second it begins now.

i haven’t taken the time to polish up my reading of Matthew 20. that’ll happen down the way. so if you find some weakness in my reading, pls forgive me. this is where i am right now. perhaps later on i’ll have something considered more profound. : )

till then,

(your sister in the battle)

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