having to think

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having to think

There once was a time when I just did ministry. Just did it. No deep queries into minds and patterns. No reading up on the experts’ opinions. Just action. Pure action. So what changed? 

Those I serve are no longer peers in terms of expectation and experience. 

Expectations will kick you, kick you hard, all over. And un-shared experiences? They create distance. The solution seems simple: hang out! Time spent will create shared experiences so that in spite of differing expectations, you’ll at least have a trust relationship. And once you know each other better, you’ll see a little more eye to eye. 

Voila! Bingo! 

But you’ll still have to think coz it won’t happen overnight. (And current expectations and distance will continue to get in the way.) And perhaps this is what folks were trying to tell me a year ago. I just wish I’d been able to get it a year ago and that they’d been able to say it like this.

And there I go with my crazy expectations…


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