getting too relevant

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getting too relevant

in this age of being relevant, i wonder where the boundaries lie. how far can i go in my attempt to be relevant before becoming irrelevant? i’m particularly conscious of this when it comes to church, to religion, to organized religion. (do folks really have a problem with organized religion or are they just frustrated and in need of a scape goat?)

how much should i strive to be inclusive? what does that really mean anyway? where do inclusiveness and tolerance meet? and when, then, does the message become mediocre, ineffective?

ineffective is my word of the day. i’ve been up since 3:45 so that me and God could commune. it’s been an amazing few hours. i have a new outlook on what it means to use my time wisely.

and if i spend so much time trying to be relevant that i become irrelevant….wasted………precious moments wasted.

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