flash back…flash forward

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flash back…flash forward

the last several days have been so busy. i wake up each morning feeling as if i just went to bed. for all the fatigue, i should be rolling in millions by now. but that’s alright…i’m rolling in blessings. honestly, i’m not yet where i want to be. you know, traveling singer/writer, performing before scores of faces…yes, i’ll admit it; i want a bit of glam. but just enough to ensure that the message of hope reaches as many as possible! i’ll be famous if i know it’s for a good cause. hee hee. and in the meantime, i’m already seeing God’s grace at work and His amazing forms of motivation.

today, for example, a friend told me of a speaking opportunity just gained. i got all excited as if it was my opportunity. i’m just so excited when i think about ministry. it really is the best thing out there regardless of the form it comes in. no, you don’t have to be a pastor or a singing evangelist. you just have to be willing to say, here’s my number Jesus; call me anytime it pleases. and He calls. and you answer. and it just gets better from there.

right now i’m listening to a new version of an old song Jesus, You’re the Centre of My Joy. it’s a cappella and fabulous. amidst the lovely chords, the message screams at me. He’s centre…not peripheral…not sometimish. He’s it. He’s where all the good stuff begins and ends.

and as i continue to spend hours working toward my goals, as i daydream about how it can all one day be, i’m confident that where i am right now is where i need to be. it’s not all rosey. i’m still confused about some things but they’re not the major things. so i’m alright.

Jesus, You’re the centre of my joy
all that’s good and perfect comes from You
You’re the heart of my contentment
Hope for all i do
Jesus, You’re the centre of my joy

it’s simple folks, really simple.

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