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Don’t you hate it when one of your friends on Facebook posts, “I’m going to take a break from Facebook. See you all later!”?

Perhaps “hate” is a strong word. Some people certainly find it very annoying and reply with “Just take a break. Don’t announce it!” because announcing it can sound a little self-righteous. “Oooo, look at me and my amazing ability to break from this vortex!”

So, that was me on February 28. Yup, I announced a month-long break from all social media, namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It has been so good. It has also been difficult. I had a moment the other day where I wondered, “Now how will I know who has died, who is engaged, who has been born?” And I quickly realized that if I matter to that person and they matter to me, I’ll find out regardless of my current distance from social media. 

I know, a little melodramatic, huh? 

Listen, if you’ve considered taking a break, I absolutely recommend it. For all the good that social media provides (and there is plenty!), there’s also the unnecessary checking that becomes unconscious and a time waster. We often go to those apps or open FB on our laptops when we’re bored or need a little break. We even go there for a little pick-me-up. “I’m so tired of working on this project. Let me go and look at all the pretty things on Pinterest that I should obviously be able to create.”

Please believe me when I say that I’m not here to arrogantly bash social media. Oh no. It’s our use of it that we could all take a moment to reflect on and shift, where necessary. A month away is pretty drastic. Maybe start with once a week and see where that takes you. And if you’re not a social media addict, pray for the rest of us!

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