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my day of birth

today was my birthday. i’m now post 25! i’m dealing with it well so far. i think the journey will remain smooth. i anticipate good things ahead. more opportunities for growth and contentment. i’m lovin it! the day was peaceful. the only thing i didn’t like was that i was very tired and couldn’t work […]



a friend and i went to our local coffee shop, Kavaccinos, last night. it’s a wonderful, non-chain establishment. we were there for about 3 and a half hours. fabulous! we wrote, we chatted, we read, we chatted, we wrote…and, oh yes, we sipped hot drinks. everyone should make time for writing or whatever it is […]


together: reconnecting

the option of going to Japan enabled me to connect with someone i hadn’t spoken to in a few years. we’d see each other and smile but that was it. but since speaking with her the other day, i feel more comfortable speaking to her as i did again last night and will do in […]



i woke up this morning and said no. as the day progressed, i felt more confident saying no and somehow i know i won’t regret it. i’m staying put for the next 3 months. perhaps i’ll be able to go another time…perhaps not. for now, it’s Lacombe –Alberta, Canada…big sky country. and what matters is, […]


peace i do not know

when i make big decisions, i pray about them and if i’m at peace with the thought of saying “yes” to something (especially when i’ve been really confused) then i’m confident that “yes” is right. i don’t have peace at this moment. i’m going to spend the day getting more information. my next post will […]

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