WWPD–What Would Paul Do?

Today I’m definitely speaking specifically to people who use the term Christian to define their faith journey. I’m also clearly making (as I always do) a few assumptions about what that means based on what I’ve learned and believe about God. We can’t get away from that. So if you find yourself responding with, “That’s… Continue reading WWPD–What Would Paul Do?

Consequences Part 2

When I think of people I know who aren’t experiencing sex (or intimacy of any kind) in a healthy, committed way, I see insecurity. It’s sad, really. I want people to be secure in who they are and in who their with and I want that security to come from a really healthy space, one… Continue reading Consequences Part 2

Consequences Part 1

There are many. I’ll just focus on a few. Remember, we’re talking about the having of sex. Why focus on consequences? The hook-up culture, especially on college campuses, reveals our decreased focus on consequences, on long-term costs/benefits. In addition, we’re more focused on “what’s in it for me?” than “what’s in it for us?” which goes… Continue reading Consequences Part 1

Yes, it matters. But of course!

I’m talking about sex…the having of it. It’s not simply a topic, an expression, a choice. It’s this deep, layered, and somewhat mystifying act even if you don’t believe in God. And it’s this way regardless of any other thing you can think of that creates an “us/them” sort of separation: class, race, gender, ethnicity,… Continue reading Yes, it matters. But of course!

sex…a 7-day series.

It’s time for another series. This one will span the next 7 days. Why? Because it’s Sex Week* at University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT) so how college students view and practice sex is on my mind in a particularly special way. Sex is deep. It’s layered. It’s somewhat mystifying. Let’s take it seriously. And let’s talk about it. Day 1: Yes,… Continue reading sex…a 7-day series.

the crying

today’s been a random tear festival. the only thing i can attribute it to is hormones, really. that in addition to how i should be 14 weeks pregnant, beyond nausea and full of excitement. i should have told the world by now about the baby inside me and my hidden pinterest board would be on… Continue reading the crying

job description: part 1

roughly two months ago, i confessed to a group of colleagues that i used to think i was a good listener until i realized that i just didn’t talk. my confession elicited major laughter. it surprised me. i wasn’t trying to be funny and then i experienced the joy of being naturally funny. i tried not to… Continue reading job description: part 1

on being a savior

The following posts are all dedicated to the students I’ve worked with through the years, from Lacombe, Alberta, to Knoxville, Tennessee and every other place in between. #1: spare an angel #2: eye of the tiger #3: if i could #4: doubting thomas #5: fix you job description: part 1

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I used to think I had to save you. It was the standard setup. You came to me with your stuff and I, the “all-knowing,” would listen and advise. It’s the stuff of movies and ministry fairytales. But you were already aware enough to know the answers and to tell me when my answers were… Continue reading #5

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