But I Don’t Want to Witness!

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But I Don’t Want to Witness!

Hi Christians. Tired of being told you need to witness? Yeah, me too. You know why? Because we often automatically jump to DOING…as in…

“Here’s a list of 30 things you can do to show that you love Jesus. Pick 1…pick more if you’re a REAL Christian!”*

At least that’s how it feels. And your schedule is already packed, right? How are you really supposed to fit in yet another good deed to show that you love Jesus?

This is why believing in being Spirit-led is so meaningful to me. And why learning how my growing love for Jesus can be demonstrated (in non check-list fashion) in ALL the things of life is invaluable.

Listen, I want to encourage you if you’re experiencing Being Good Burnout:

-Learn to be WITH Jesus as in pray…talk with him…get on his schedule…rest…confess…thank…celebrate…read Matt 6:9-15 daily and really walk through it line by line in a personal manner…our DOING should first focus on that relationship. It’s transformational.

-Cultivate deep friendships where there’s accountability not just “Happy Sabbath” or the equivalent in your worship world. Eat together. Talk about the tough things of life. Cry together, celebrate together. Pray together. Point out each other’s yucky stuff (in love, of course). Stick with each other even when you hit rough patches…

-Ask Jesus to schedule your day. Yup, you’ve got things already mapped out but say something like, “What else would you like from me?” While at your 9-5, you’re being thorough, kind, etc., AND there may be some other ways he’d love for you to show up. Or, while caring for your grand children/parents or volunteering in your community, you do all that with kindness, grace, etc., AND there may be some other ways he’d love for you to show up.

-Not all your friends need to be Christian but don’t make the friends who aren’t Christian your projects. That’s exhausting, for both sides! Be a friend and ask Jesus how HE would like to show up on your friendship aside from the obvious–kindness, honesty, etc.,…

-Stop comparing your Christian experience. The outward display of the “super Christian” you’re admiring may or may not aline with what’s really happening internally and that’s non of your business anyway. Learn to value your journey. YOUR journey. That comes with more time with Jesus and in friendships that hold you accountable.

-A really great investment you can make in yourself and in the lives of others is to set aside time to discover your story. What is that life situation you’ve experienced that has solidified your desire to walk with Jesus? What are those memories you look back on to reassure you that your connection with Jesus is absolutely worth it?

-The good work will come. The divine assignments will roll in. Some of it won’t be perceptible to you especially when you’re using your gifts. Some of it will be terrifying even if you get to use your gifts. Some will happen alongside fellow Jesus followers. Some of it won’t at all be public. Confession, celebration, and committing to the will of God (as we read the word of God) really help us take on the assignments we’re given because they move us closer to Jesus and farther from self-sufficiency, perfect plans, and all the other things that often trip us up. The good work will come because Jesus has begun it and will faithfully complete it. (Philippians 1:6)

-If you’re part of a church, more than likely there are various public displays of loving Jesus that are organized here and there. Some folks take part in them on a regular basis. Others can only afford to attend the yearly events. Whatever the case, churches have the challenge of creating something for everyone and not creating a culture of guilt for non-participation. So churches have to discover what their join efforts will be while also helping create spaces for those already showing up to grow deeper with one another.

That’s all for now.

Leave a comment. Add to this least or tweak or present a differing opinion on how we can rethink what it means to be a witness.


* I literally just saw a list and rolled my eyes.

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