a name can really mess you up…or force you to discover who you really are. and who that is may be much farther from reality than you’d like to venture. but you keep messing up. so you must go. and when you do, things change. slowly. but they change. and finally you know contentment. i’m […]



they are the playground, the spaces in which we deepen connections at particular times, engage in see-saw merry-go-round interactions that teach us life lessons and wake us up like crazy dreams to the reality that we’re still not done learning. it’s 10pm and i’m so tired of learning and yet i can’t get enough which […]


good morning

i woke up to the idea that God wants to change the world through me. the thought hit and i was up, up like a jack in the box, wide-eyed like the five yr-old witnessing a magic trick. awake, fully conscious. change the world through me? it was a strange scene in my dream. two […]



…Both I enjoy. Both I want to keep. Both are me—but not together. I sing from my heart in both spaces but there’s always a divide. Why? And the divide comes down to color and the divide is found in worship. Yet I’m fully aware that anything that has to do with God can’t afford […]



it’s fascinating to see how light alters things, how the sun (for example) makes it hard to see the exact locale of the Frisbee in flight. so I knock it from the sky wishing I had more perception.

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