before i nap

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before i nap

i thought it’d be more than appropriate to discuss my morning.

i got to sing. it passed so quickly. all of a sudden we were sitting in the pews.

why do good moments pass like that?

i was part of a praise and worship team at a contemporary church, you know, the kind of church many traditionals take issue with because, oh my, people are standing with their hands in the air as they sing. and, oh no, there’s a drum beat.

but foowee (or however you spell it) it was a blessing and i’d do it every Sabbath if i could.

there are a few things i’ll give up in order to sing. they are, in no particular order:

breakfast (if i reeeaaaally have to)

but only for good music and for good causes with good people with me.

yup. that’s my profound thought for the day.

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