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au seminary

oh my oh my oh my

here is yesterday’s mass email:

i’m in!

and now i’m sad i don’t want to leave here….that may sound crazy but it’s true. i should be happy coz i know i’m doing what God wants me to do. but right now, at 1:38 pm, i’m sad.

but on a happy note, let’s take a look at the order of how things worked out:

i applied to andrews
i applied for a job at andrews
i applied for a student loan
i got my student loan
i got the job
i got accepted

mysterious ways…..

i start may 15. please keep me in prayer as the next month of my life is bound to be a bit crazy.

what’s really cool is that the last three in my list happened on 3 consecutive days. april 11, 12, 13. i really like that part. it’s as if God said, “now watch Me as I do some coolness.” ta da!

“for i know the plans i think toward you says the LORD, plans to prosper not harm you, to give you an end and a future.”

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  1. yay! thanx so much for helping me last night!!!!! mucho appreciado!!! don't even know if that is spanish. . hee hee. .but THANK YOUUUUUUU again and again!!! 🙂

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