a sensory relief

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a sensory relief

my tires are old–i must purchase new ones perhaps as soon as today. i can hear them, louder than ever and i can feel them. the signs are so clear that i don’t even need to look at them. hearing and feeling are enough to make a costly purchase, an essential change.

the clarity of the life-death of my tires is an almost stark contrast to the questioning i’ve been doing lately in other areas of my life; the less tangible areas. these are the areas that necessitate divine peace and the memory of times like these when all worked out well in the end.

transformational memory is made by senses, not just basic tidbits. sensory memory is not automatically illogical melodrama. case in point.

John the Baptist experienced a major time of questioning. Jesus, are you who prophecy talks about or some impostor? have i prepared the way in vain? and Jesus replies by recalling the transformational memory created by the senses. what have you seen and heard, he asks? the blind see. the lame walk. the lepers are no longer diseased. the dead are alive. the poor know about the kingdom. this is real. this is beyond tidbit trivia. what you’ve seen and heard has moved people from who they were to who i’ve always wanted them to be. what you’ve seen and heard is true. it points to me and i am He, i am the way, the truth, the life. please, don’t give up now!

so here i am, pondering how i spend my days, whether the work i do is enough. and Jesus responds by reminding me of what i’ve seen and what i’ve heard–Him. He’s alive and working in this space. i’ve just got to remember to use my senses, transformationally remember.

perhaps John, like i, was expecting more. perhaps he was really asking, is this it? well, i’m discovering that quantity is none of my business…

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