9/11, skepticism, realism, build a schism

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9/11, skepticism, realism, build a schism

oprah. oh oprah. here i go to badmouth, once again, one of your shows. but at least this time i watched it for 10 minutes, okay?


here goes.

the man sound rehearsed. sounds like he told his mother, told his wife, told his brother, told his co-workers, told his baker, told his butcher, told his grandson’s history class, told the postman, told his co-workers again, told his local tv station, told that one really dramatic co-worker one more time, then talked to oprah.


or am i just a skeptic? i can’t doubt that he checked in the terrorists. that one has hard evidence. i can’t doubt it, not even subconsciously. but i have to wonder. did he really see hatred in that mans eyes? did he really think to himself that this was the face of a terrorist before it all went down? were those real tears just now? does oprah even believe him? she’s lookin skeptical too…

let’s be real. a person’s eyes do say a lot. a cold stare can send chills up and down your spine. but sir, you’re such a good storyteller, too good i think. but that’s just my opinion, right?

and i’m not here to build schisms, design living spaces for contrary ideologies
i’m not here to pour cheap concrete, lay foundations for things i do not believe…

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