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500 words

I have one particular goal: to live more fully than I have been. Sure, that could manifest itself in a ton of ways. Too vague! Ok. Here are a few specifics.

  1. Write more. It’s the way I process best so why not make the time to take advantage of a good thing? I’m starting by committing to 500 words a day.
  2. Honor the time I have. I’m often on time, as in on the dot. And I’m often late, as in 5-10 minutes after the dot. Being on time or even early has not been a high value for me, until now. It’s not hard to be on time, but it takes a bit more intentionality beyond leaving home earlier. It’s about shifting how I handle my time in general. From quitting work at a proper time (when I can) to going to bed sooner (when I can), I am willing.
  3. Go to bed with a clear head. It’s not that I’m feeling guilt-ridden each night but that I’m often anxious as I process the current day and the day to come. I’m seldom satisfied. I need to let things go. No, not give up, but take myself out of the control seat. And yeah, I guess there is guilt that stuff isn’t better, that I haven’t done more. I essentially struggle with not being as powerful as God…
  4. Exercise regularly. My diet is good but exercise is easily sporadic. This goes back to #2. This is also a blah goal, feels trite. Guess I could just focus on #2.
  5. Declutter & downsize. I’ve done quite a bit of this over the last few years but there’s much more to do. The state of one’s space is typically the state of one’s mind. Chaos breeds chaos.
  6. Pray deeper. While connected to #2, it’s also about belief and clarity. If I actually believe that God is who he says he is, I’ll talk with him more and I’ll believe that he can help me clarify what to pray for and how to pray. For example, I believe he knows everything so when a friend asked me to pray for someone I don’t know, it wasn’t a problem. God knows the person. But what do I say to God and…why even bother? This is where time kicks in. Intercession needs intentional space. Sure, I can’t always give 30 minutes or even 15. But sometimes I can. And during that time, as I listen (not just talk), God has time to clarify, to help me understand how I should pray. Why bother? Because not all of life is what we can see. So much is beyond our eyes and in the realm of what we Christians often call spiritual warfare. God vs Satan isn’t a fairytale. So, stuff happens when prayer happens that wouldn’t happen otherwise. Prayer is a sort of permission giver and shield reinforcer.
  7. Daily reflect on what’s working well. It’s an effective practice, helps clear the head. Guess I could just make it part of #3 but I feel as if it needs its own space.

I could say much more about each point, but this list isn’t about making you believe me. It’s about me believing me and me believing that God can help me. Its about taking clear steps. It’s about being healthy. It’s about being content. Here I go.

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