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cars, food, babies

I couldn’t just Facebook this. I had to blog so that I can more easily return to this memory when she’s 16 and we’re discussing the complex yet uncomplicated nature of boys. 

Today I ate lunch outside of our house while sitting in the car. No, it wasn’t food I picked up en route. It wasn’t a pre-packed sandwich. I never would have dreamed up this scenario.

I had to run in to work to meet up with a repairman. I took Ella with me–no big deal. Toward the end of the repair work, she fell asleep and stayed asleep until I began buckling her into her carseat. I figured nap time was (unfortunately) over but I’ve learned to roll with many more punches and not stress out when she doesn’t get a full nap or misses it altogether especially under circumstances beyond my control. My biggest concern in that moment was a wailing child. I can work through it but it ain’t my favorite. 

But wouldn’t you know it. She fell asleep! Miracle! Shortly after driving off, she returned to slumberville and I was quite pleased. We got home, about a 15-minute drive, and she was still asleep. 

I texted my husband to let him know the deal. She’s asleep. We’re home. And he replied with words I almost rejected. Want me to bring you food?

Now why would I reject these words? Because it’s a rainy day and I want to eat yummy food while sitting on the couch curled up in the throw my boss & his assistant gave me. I want cozy, not car eating. This isn’t McDonalds which, in my mind, tastes best in the car, at night, while you’re driving and can’t see how many fries are left. No, this is my husband’s cooking. It deserves more ambiance and I want the couch. 

But we both knew that to leave the car would be to play a game of chance that wouldn’t necessarily be worth it. She’d probably wake up and miss out on the blessings of naps. So I said yes to his offer and a few minutes later, he stepped outside with a plate full of goodness. I put down my window, as if at a drive through, and quickly began to chow down. 

Then I slowed down. 

It tasted so good and Ella was asleep. 

There’s nothing as cozy as good food and a sleeping (teething) child. Location no longer matters just the reality that things are as they should be. 

She eventually woke up for a total nap time of approximately  1 hour. I can dig it. And the lingering taste of potato salad, rice, curry, greens…mmm. 

Parenting is not for the inflexible. 

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