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big/bad conclusions

I read a piece a few days ago that was so well written, a true breath of fresh air. So, of course, I’m that much more determined to produce top notch work. Of course. It’s definitely something I can whip up every single time I put fingers to keys. And it shouldn’t take too long. […]



There’s an older lady at my church that I’m quite fond. Her love for The Lord is exciting. Perhaps you’ve met people like her. When they talk about their faith journey they look as if they’re going to explode with joy. Her petite size makes that pending explosion all the more enjoyable to experience. She’s […]


having to think

There once was a time when I just did ministry. Just did it. No deep queries into minds and patterns. No reading up on the experts’ opinions. Just action. Pure action. So what changed?  Those I serve are no longer peers in terms of expectation and experience.  Expectations will kick you, kick you hard, all […]

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