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Start Here

I’m often tripped up by a desire to have all the ducks in a row. Thing is, I don’t even own ducks.

(I hope you know how to laugh.)

Last April I decided to start a podcast. Why? Why not! I began with my phone and my earbuds. I recorded a lot in my closet except when the washing machine was going. I learned the the sound of water running through pipes easily made its way into my recordings. 

Note to self: Don’t record close to your laundry room. Also don’t record outside because this just might be someone’s landscaping moment. Leaf blowers can smell a podcast any day.

I started even though I didn’t know everything about podcasting. Well, I knew enough to get started. I knew enough to fail but I knew enough to keep going and growing. Learning comes in stages, no?

Today, I have a fancy microphone and a Scarlett. What’s a Scarlett? It’s an audio interface. What’s an audio interface? As my mother would say, “Check YouTyube.” Yup, she adds a little polish to the word with that “y”. Fancy.

The sound with this new set up is nice. Nice nice. So much more legit.

But the point is this: I started without all of this; I started “here”—that point on the mall map with the star. Here. At the little kiosk near the food court. Here. With what I did have. Here. With what I did know. 

And so should you.

Yes, take time to research the better setup but don’t wait for it. Better yet, ask a friend. There’s someone in your life who already knows some options. Close all the search tabs, hit record, then upload, add the music, post it, share it. Start at your “here” and start with a dose of healthy pride in your willingness to try. Starting here may feel less compelling but it’s actually less daunting. Think of it…if realize this isn’t for you with less, you lose less. If you realize this isn’t for you after investing $600, you’ve lost $600 (unless someone’s willing to pay you retail price for used equipment). The bright side? You’ve never lost time because time helped you learn something invaluable. 

I won’t fool myself into believing that I can convince you to live differently, to figure out your “here” and set your shoulders straight. But I will be optimistic for the two of us. Starting where you are with what you have is the freest, least cluttered way to begin. Fewer distractions. Less shoulder weight. 

This sort of less is already feeling so good.

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