The body speaks

It’s Wednesday. Last week Monday, a member of my church died. She was our matriarch. In her honor, we had a time of singing and prayer instead of the usual sermon during our worship service on Saturday. Minutes after worship, I got word that another member had died. She’d been sick for a while and […]


The gift of the unexpected

As I got closer to my favorite coffee shop, I could tell it was full but I chose optimism, parked my car and went inside. The owner saw me, smiled, then looked around seeing what I had just seen—not a single seat. I kept looking around; maybe I’d missed one. As my eyes looked left […]


Back to the baby days

No. I’m not having a wee one. It’s that the days feel as unpredictable as newborn days, unpredictable except for the sleepless part. But replace sleepless with restless. I sleep but I’m worn out. Forever tired. At least 8 days out of 7. And so often wondering, is this it? Is this really going to […]


Pandemic reflections. Good for the soul.

Reflecting… Roughly two years ago, my church began hosting the Learning Hub. It would be a semester-long adventure of making sure area elementary school students had a safe place with WiFi in which to do online school. It was a tough journey. There were a few days when we were short on volunteers. One of […]


The Story of Nina (Part 1)

To Whom It May Concern, Nina was just trying to take two good steps after what felt like a thousand bad ones—a thousand and one if you count the eggs she over-boiled for breakfast that morning.  She’d woken up without an alarm, promptly beginning what she hoped would be a manageable morning routine—drink a cup […]

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