Writing Project

Add to the Beauty

Once a month, I share my writing in the form of a letter. I mail the letter in a small package and make it interactive. In order to focus my subject matter, each letter I write has something to do with one of my 9 core values: 

  • peace & beauty
  • community, trust, & honesty
  • commitment, excellence, growth, & teaching

My hope is that this letter will give my reader a break from the everyday, a break that lightens their load even just a wee bit and a way to help someone else of their choosing to experience the same. 

This project is called Add to the Beauty or ATTB because the song of that name by Sara Groves somehow was on replay in my head when this whole brainstorm hit. And it just so happens to fit my core values and project intentions perfectly. 

You can listen to the letters on my podcast.

If you’d like to receive a letter, hold tight. I’ll see what easy system we can come up with.

It’s always a good writing day at Molly’s Coffee Company in Athens, GA.
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