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It’s possibly the difference between a goal spoken and a goal achieved. We can’t be accountable to just anyone. We also can’t go solo. How do we choose a good accountability buddy and how should the process of holding each other accountable actually look? I’m positive you could do a quick Google search and discover […]


what if a break is good?

i’m in charge of a young adult ministry. nothing’s happened since march-ish. i take the blame but it’s not as if people are knocking down my door or tying up my phone line asking what the deal is. i was just visited by this thought: what if nothing happens until august? what if we take […]


together: reconnecting

the option of going to Japan enabled me to connect with someone i hadn’t spoken to in a few years. we’d see each other and smile but that was it. but since speaking with her the other day, i feel more comfortable speaking to her as i did again last night and will do in […]

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