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music lives right around the sun

in that space untouchable to human hands so far removed that even our greatest disgraces can’t mess it up forever because what God has created will still speak of him somehow somehow *** and to that end, i sing. i find others who love life, love music, love God, and we sing together. the effects […]


thanks man?

as i sauntered home, critiquing the song just sung and remembering my desire to keep raising the bar for myself, i started talking to God and the words “thanks man” came to mind.but just as quickly came the thought, “what?! God’s not one of my boys!” my justin blogged the other day (or week, or […]


excited…humbled…thrilled…slightly confused

southern gospel music is certainly more than meets the eye/ear. it’s a culture i appreciate more now, i respect more now, i’m excited about more now… i sang today during performance training. it’s during this section that allison durham speer lets you sing then critiques you or critiques you while you’re singing. i was really […]


what would you

say no to in order to be happy? could you just be happy in order to say no? why not just give up your notion of happy? sing a song you’ve never heard before… “sometimes words just jump into your head you don’t know what they mean but somehow they make sense…”

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