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it’s time to write again. unfortunately, i allowed myself to get distracted by facebook and now i’ve forgotten how i was going to begin this post. it was smarter than this; i value smart starts. alas, writing is still in order so here i go, placing one figurative foot in front of the other. today […]



this semester at the advent house, we’re journeying through our stories and the stories of Jesus. we’re looking at our own and revealing several things about ourselves like our family histories, our interests, and our walk with Jesus (no matter how long or short, shallow or deep…). and then we’re spending time with particular stories […]


bad lookin

this is what should happen when you spend too much time looking at something you shouldn’t be looking at. your eyes should pain you like someone’s reached into your head, behind your eyes, grabbed hold of your optic nerves (or whatever’s back there) and is gently but cruelly holding them captive between fingers, patient fingers, […]

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