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yes, i really am ok

ask me again tomorrow. tuesday may roll in with tears and gnashing teeth but just for now, all is well. that’s how it’s been for a while now. good one day, bad the next. feeling whole one moment and empty the next. energized and then gross as acid reflux strikes yet again. and i’m one of […]


…and this is love (prego edition)

I post a lot about being pregnant and I’m sure that folks are really tired of seeing my Facebook updates on the matter. The pics. The statuses. Oh, the hashtags. I probably used to be really sensitive about not dwelling on one thing for too long, changing up subject matters and such. 9 months ago, […]


and then…

(from june 24, 2014) when you haven’t yet cried over something and then the flip is randomly switched… it’s such a vulnerable space. the tears flow as if to say, “dare us to stop,” and you know it’s good and right and real and honest. and still. it confuses while simultaneously clarifying.  you could have […]

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