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a decision

tonight, i was reflecting on commitment, on sticking with what we’ve been given. i’ve decided on this: to stick with being a pastor until God says something else. that’s my resolve. now i’m sure drama will ensue and all my introverted perfectionistic ways will be challenged. and then i’ll run away in my mind and […]


A Letter

At a periodic gathering that I’m part of, one of our latest activities was to write a letter to ourselves, stating what we’d like God to do in our lives. The facilitator for that activity, took our self-addressed envelopes, stamped them, and mailed them to us several days later. Mine came in the mail a […]


we’ll see…

I want to take time to hash out quality thoughts on the following related to my work… Personalities How they intersect with yours (teach you about yourself) How they clash with each other How they each want a piece of the space, of you How it’s hard not become a personality-based space God How he […]


i am a chaplain

honestly, this just dawned on me the other day when i thought of what to name the url.* combining my occupation with my initials seemed a revolutionary thought. chaplain? me? what?! yet i prefer it to pastor. sorry. even minister is better than pastor. but let me not get too deep into crazy talk. that’s […]


time well spent

i’ve been missing my time spent with God so i hoped i’d wake early so i could talk to Him and read the bible and talk some more. so after my crazy nightmare was documented, we spent time in Acts 27. courage — my pastor always asks me how my courage is. hope — the […]

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