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brought to you by the letter “r”

i sat down in an authentically ____________ restaurant and curiously reviewed the menu, truly uncertain of what i’d order because my exposure to this cuisine is limited. as my eyes glossed over the pages, the english major in me kicked into full force as i searched for something i’d connect with. and finally, there it […]



i just spelled journey that way. yes. i did it. as i excitedly typed away at my exegesis paper, i spelled g-e-r-n-y as the voice in my head said journey. yes. yes, i did it. yes, yes, i can make mistakes. yes i can


stupid, stupid, stupid!

so here’s part of the cover letter i submitted for a job i actually want. Being able to facilitate the growth literature is one thing in particular that I’m both passionate about and committed to. As I teacher, I’ve taught courses in speech and English and currently, I work as a tutor for an adult […]

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