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it has been a tremendously busy 4 months of school, work, activity…life. i’m entering the new year with lessons learned and battles still to fight and i’m not afraid. that sounds horribly rehearsed. sorry. i’ll do more reading, expand my expression bank. and while i’m at it, i’ll also try to figure out the relationship […]



i just want to stay up, do stuff, clean, sort. all of last week was non-stop and now i don’t know what to do with my time. it’s december 25 now. i should be fast asleep. the trip was great. i miss the sun. that’s really all i have the energy to say right now. […]


on the water

i’m about to get on a big ship to do mission work…yet…the main thing on my mind right now is all what i’ll miss such as the free wireless connection that enables me to see the face of the man who makes me smile for days on end. yes. it’s official. i’m cheesy, mushy, blah […]

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