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a decision

tonight, i was reflecting on commitment, on sticking with what we’ve been given. i’ve decided on this: to stick with being a pastor until God says something else. that’s my resolve. now i’m sure drama will ensue and all my introverted perfectionistic ways will be challenged. and then i’ll run away in my mind and […]



a fellow campus chaplain and i were talking earlier today about how hard it is to get our students to commit to things (especially far in advance).* it’s another challenge to add to the “what in the world” list. no worries, there is no actual list that we avidly monitor. the mere thought of starting […]


this’ll be short

people are waiting… please ya’ll. do what you love. it may take a while to get up and running but please, do what makes you glad to be alive. God wants that for us!! it’s not selfish. it’s called walking with God. and also, when in the south, shut your mouth about being a democrat […]

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