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to be known

today i talked with a few girlfriends on our monthly conference call. i shared how hard mother’s day was, how i cried as mothers were asked to stand in church and children handed them flowers. i talked about the pain of not being a mother. one friend responded with, “You are a mother. Women who’ve […]


a sanctuary poem

[set to Tenebrae: Second Movement performed by Kronos Quartet] Reminder number one: walk slowly. Steps matter Smoke rises to greet the sky afraid. Is it enough? I sat on the floor today Carpet circa 1995 Tough grey-brown, bland #11 Comfortless reliability stretched for meters around my exhausted frame Lean brown-skinned girl, twisted locks set ponytail-like […]


dix ans

i met a 10-year old girl…a beautiful p.k. with a lot to discuss. it was great. our initial interactions were distant. she was the youngest at the dinner table, separated by a minimum of 12 years to the next youngest. so i wasn’t surprised by her quiet nature but i could tell she had a […]

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