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500: breaking rules, baking bread

For a Sunday, we were up early–one of the perks of having a baby. Before eating breakfast, I decided it’d be nice to make a sweet bread of some sort, something quick, a little sugary and a lot tastey. Baking isn’t unusual for me. Neither is baking bread nor baking something for the first time. […]


500: Sabbath

It’s an appropriate topic given the day, the 24hr rest, the come-away time, the break, the long nap, the escape, the excuse to go nowhere, the convenient practice, the reason for not doing homework, the reason for not clocking in, the oddest day of the week, the most special time… I keyed in that paragraph […]


500 words

I have one particular goal: to live more fully than I have been. Sure, that could manifest itself in a ton of ways. Too vague! Ok. Here are a few specifics. Write more. It’s the way I process best so why not make the time to take advantage of a good thing? I’m starting by […]

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