When I began my podcast in April 2020, for some crazy reason, I felt as if I had more time for creative pursuits. Well, I was wrong about the “more time” but I have zero regrets about diving into this space of words and sound.

Now when someone asks me what I do for fun I can say, “I podcast, knit, and joke around with my family.”

If you haven’t yet tuned in, here are a few things you should know:

  1. My voice is known to lull people to sleep. I take it as a compliment. You may want to knit while you listen.
  2. I don’t yet have a legit podcasting mic. I’ll get to that eventually. Priorities.
  3. I love humor so whenever possible, I insert it. You will, at times, hear a serious piece followed by a funny piece or you’ll hear me chuckle during what seems should be a somber moment. I don’t use humor to ignore pain. I’m wired for funny–blame God.
  4. So far, 99% of what you hear is scripted. I don’t enjoy the “ums” of off-the-cuff speech in podcasts and I’m a verified rambler. Scripts are good for both of us.
  5. I have yet to commit to a particular podcasting rhythm. As I write this, I’m in the midst of Advent and decided it was a brilliant idea to write each day on what I’m learning about Advent. But this isn’t my norm. I usually aim for once a month and don’t beat myself up if I don’t meet that goal. Life. Plus, this is play not work.
  6. I usually insert an ad into my podcast and I do it because I like what Anchor is offering me and many others with its free platform and helpful tools. I actually chose to use Anchor because I heard a friend’s Anchor ad during one of his episodes. I believe in sharing things that work.
  7. Podcasting has helped me to more precisely define my audience. Whenever I publish a book, it’ll actually have a focus. Here’s my elevator pitch:

    There’s a silence shaped by loss. When we find the words that live in that space, we can confront our loss and break the silence. From shy girl to pastor, from civil war to miscarriage, I hope sharing my story will help you uncover yours, discover your value, and finally hear your voice. 

till later,

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