Hospitality As Christian Duty

I’ll periodically add resources I’ve found helpful regarding how hospitality happens. They have each challenged my understanding of and appreciation for the hospitality God desires, a connection that moves us far beyond pretty table cloth and a sanguine welcome into the awkward and honest space that only the divine can reach. I’m hoping to read a lot more books by contemporary authors to keep my mind attuned to current thoughts on this way of life, whether or not I fully agree.

The Bible

  • Genesis 4:1-15 — The brothers, Cain and Able, and what it looks like to be responsible for each other
  • Luke 10:25-36 — How good neighbors look
  • Revelation 3:14-22 — The Church in Laodicea and how self-sufficiency keeps doors closed

Christine Pohl’s work


Richard Beck’s work 


Rosaria Butterfield’s work