I’ve never been one who cared to remember dates during history classes. It felt like a chore–chores were dull. And as a result of my “I don’t care” attitude (which probably stemmed not from truly not caring but from being frustrated by the effort it took to remember) there’s much even beyond dates that I don’t know enough to have a solid conversation about.

So here I am in London, trying to pay more attention. It’s harder these many years later because there are other more present things to attend to and recall such as whether we have enough puffs, food pouches and diapers for our day’s journey. 

If, in the future, Ella struggles with memorizing dates or other details, I hope she says something and I hope we can figure out a method that suits her well so that she doesn’t have to wonder, for the umpteenth time what Remembrance Day is all about. The knowledge will be right there, crisp and clear, as she stands still with the rest of the city for two minutes and then watches her little one gently toss poppies into the water.  

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