she sleeps for an hour…and other tales. 

My daughter’s latest thing is fighting naps. I think she’s becoming more sensitive to any irregularities in her schedule. So, 20 minutes beyond nap time equals wailing and gnashing. Okay, not quite, but she does have this new cry that makes you want to melt down, too. 

I just put her down for a nap. She cried as soon as I closed the door. I could hear her kicking even though she’s swaddled. She wasn’t pleased. But she fell asleep. Quickly. I am pleased. 

And now the regular questioning ensues. It’s my day off so there’s much room for questions such as: 

Do I write?

Do I eat?

Do I do laundry?

Do I do my nails?

Do I water my plants?

Do I clean bathrooms?

Do I rearrange my home office/guest room?

Do I figure out my ridiculous clergy tax questions? (Who wants to work on them for food?)

Do I run and hide in a nearby bookstore?

Do I just run away?

(Don’t worry, my husband works from home, there’s a little pumped milk in the freezer, and he’s totally able to handle the wee one.)

Today, I settled on writing. I have to. Even if nothing here is profound, I must write. Thank you for reading. I have about 50 more minutes. Not even gonna proofread this any further. 


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