…and this is love (prego edition)

I post a lot about being pregnant and I’m sure that folks are really tired of seeing my Facebook updates on the matter. The pics. The statuses. Oh, the hashtags. I probably used to be really sensitive about not dwelling on one thing for too long, changing up subject matters and such. 9 months ago, I probably would have declared, “I’m not going to be one of those women when I get pregnant.”

Well, here I am, in all of my “I’m prego!” glory. It’s as if I don’t know anything else and perhaps that’s true. When a (now squirmy) being invades your belly, it’s kind of a big deal and it’s very hard to ignore. She has taken over my life and will continue to do so but in a really good way. This has been and will continue to be one of the hardest and yet most rewarding aspects of my life. I can’t wait to see her face and call her by name.

I do believe that’s called love. I love my little girl more than I even know.

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