There’s nothing quite like what seems like an endless countdown. I should be asleep instead of thinking about the hours I have left before surgery. It’s a normal procedure but it yielded a claustrophobic nightmare last night and spurts of anxiety tonight. Woe is me.

8 hours to go. I’ll be so tired, I’ll knock myself out.

I have a new desire to help folks be at ease, a pre-op pep talk loaded with tasty treats. There must be a way to not have to experience this grand starvation and Miralax cleanse… #firstworldproblems

Seriously though, I can’t imagine what it feels like to have rounds and rounds of hospital stays, specialist consults, Miralax…did I already mention the Miralax? And to think that many ppl go through more major stuff than this all by themselves. I have much for which to be thankful.

Okay. I surrender. In 24 hrs I’ll be brand new! Goodnight world.

One Reply to “Pre”

  1. You are definitely not by yourself! I’m really glad your Mom is with you and Justin. That’s special. You’ll do great; I’m praying for a smooth, and quick procedure.

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