There’s an older lady at my church that I’m quite fond. Her love for The Lord is exciting. Perhaps you’ve met people like her. When they talk about their faith journey they look as if they’re going to explode with joy. Her petite size makes that pending explosion all the more enjoyable to experience. She’s a reminder of how rich love is.

Last week she came over to me and we began chatting. She said something I haven’t been able to shake. She said that sometimes God has us where we are because we are willing.

It took me a second to be at peace with that idea. We’re willing to be in this particular space doing this particular thing. We say yes. He says let’s do it. And here we are!

This isn’t necessarily a happy thought. Perhaps you’re now wondering why you’ve been willing. Perhaps you’re saying, I sure hope God has more than willingness in mind. Or maybe you’re finding peace in this thought because you’ve grown more aware of how inadequate you are. You know you couldn’t possibly be here for you’re smarts. Willingness has opened doors that would have otherwise remained closed.

Well, a willing mind/heart is an open mind/heart. And openness (not in a strange new age-y sense) makes room for more. More of journeying with God. More of being where he is. More of Joshua 1:9.

If you’ve realized that you’re resisting, that you’re not willing, be honest with yourself and with God. Work through it, don’t run. Figure out what’s getting in the way and fight it. Fight it. Fight it. Be strong and courageous. And willing.

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