week 8

i’m proud to be pregnant. not in an anti-abortion kind of way but in a…

dagnabit, if i can suffer nausea and bloating and weight gain all because something the size of a kidney bean is inside of me then i will gladly tuck in my shirt and showcase my belly (to me and my husband)…kind of way.

yup, it’s day one of week 8. i think my fibroids are decreasing, maybe? i’m definitely not as big first thing in the morning. but boy/girl, as soon as i eat, this belly gets to out-of-control proportions.


1. until today i didn’t think i had cravings that were clearly pregancy related. well, this morning, all of a sudden, i thought, “I know what i want. I want banana bread.” and so, i am now in the process of defrosting some frozen bananas.

2. when i first got to the kitchen, i really wanted to eat something. i remembered that i like grapefruit lately. i saw the grapefruit and went into attack mode. it was incredible. i killed it.

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