week 7

nausea. if i could pay someone a year’s wage to make it go away, i’d find that money somewhere. that almost reflects how much i hate my current state. it’s so bad that if i haven’t felt nauseous for a while and then just THINK about it, i get nauseous. i’m telling you…i couldn’t dream this up on my own, no amount of natural propensity for drama could concoct this foolishness. i’m counting down the days to week 14 when, apparently, many 1st trimester nausea sufferers cease suffering. one website said 12 weeks–i won’t push my luck.

other than that…i’d like to tell my mum about my new-found state…but we’ve decided to wait until the high risk zone is over…5 more weeks. we’ll see if i can make it : )

in other news, i’m suffering with TMJ disorder. last night was the first time all week that i didn’t wake up in the middle of the night in pain.

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