knitpicks and other unnecessary connections

i need to let go. my inboxes are evidence of that…as is, perhaps, the reality that i have more than one inbox…3, in fact.

i don’t knit often. maybe once a year. and when i do, i don’t use a pattern and i use yarn that i already have on hand (of which there’s plenty). so no, i don’t need to get emails from so why won’t i unsubscribe?

because i dream of the day when i patiently learn from a pattern and move beyond knit/purl scarves to more intricate neck warmers and hats and gloves and sweaters. how cool would it be to knit a sweater!

but is a listserve subscription going to yield actual dream fulfillment? i think not.

makes me wonder what more meaningful things i’m holding on to unnecessarily. i don’t even want to wonder long.


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