a love that compels

all the frustrations I’ve ever faced don’t seem to compare to the emotional pain I’m currently in as I think about my friend, now dead, and the hundreds of women she ministered to in the dorm that I must now face for the next five days. sadly, I know what it’s like to have death hit close to home and be the one in charge of keeping things moving (or at least trying). this time is different. I’m not in charge of the ministry but I’m in charge of sumbitting to the Spirit so deeply that what I say and do will bless these women…both students and staff. I’m not on my home turf and yet I feel at home with friends and former colleagues…I know I’ll be alright.

you never dream of these moments. you don’t wonder what it’d be like to step into a grieving space while grieving yourself and have to speak life. but by the power of God I will, each night, starting tonight.

I must.

uncharted waters…

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