we’ll see…

I want to take time to hash out quality thoughts on the following related to my work…

  • Personalities
    • How they intersect with yours (teach you about yourself)
    • How they clash with each other
    • How they each want a piece of the space, of you
    • How it’s hard not become a personality-based space
  • God
    • How he should be the focus
    • How we each see him differently
    • How someone’s bound to be wrong (about him)
  • Leadership
    • How I should have been forced to work in a church while in seminary
    • How podcasts/audio books have become my guide
    • How philosophy and action aren’t always married
    • How reading servant leadership books isn’t sufficient to teach true servanthood
  • Friendship
    • How it’s hard to cultivate
    • How it’s air
    • How it can’t be (for the most part) with those you serve
  • Creativity
    • How you need the fuel
    • How it’s extremely hard to make quality time for

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