pain changes you, it’s true

when something rocks your world, so to speak, you never forget. some parts of you heal properly. nevertheless, various parts of you seem forever unsettled and you forever view the world through those unsettled parts.

consequently, the pain you see in others is inevitably (though often unrelated) your pain on display…an interesting phenomenon.

and if you still feel it, you know you’ll never say those unfortunate words: i understand. coz no one understands yours.

and it’s okay after a while. you can’t expect the world to feel you–that’s unfair. and you know that not everything happens for some explicable reason though God can work it out for good.

pain offers a perspective that never existed before your world got rocked.

3 Replies to “pain changes you, it’s true”

  1. that statement makes me think ppl are trying to fix things, make everything make sense…as if life can be neatly folded like t-shirts at the Gap. i think God is able to help us be at peace in spite of everything. some problems get resolved…some don't. reasons? we can make some up. but many things happen as simple consequences of the madness we live in/with.

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