Last night I dreamed that I was at a beach with huge dunes that stood in stark contrast to a short beach area. Most people were at the shore, playing in the water. Two people I remember vividly were my younger brother and sister. Everything was fine and everyone was having a good time until I saw gigantic tsunami waves approaching. I remember being the only one to notice them, yelling at everyone to run up the dunes. As I yelled, I ran and others followed as quickly as they could. Everyone made it up the dunes before the waves hit–what a relief!

But I woke up really distressed. We were all okay but I hadn’t actually helped anyone up the dunes. My brother helped my sister and others helped each other. But I was only focused on yelling and running…

I tried to go back to sleep and eventually drifted off, attempting to make sense of the dream. Why hadn’t I grabbed a hand? Why was I so focused being a messenger but of no physical use though I was physically able? Was it enough that I’d warned everyone?

Was it enough?

Are you wondering if what you do for others or for God is enough? Are you concerned that you should be doing more but you’re not sure what “more” looks like?

For now, I’ve concluded that: a) I shouldn’t beat myself up just yet, and b) I should thank God for making me aware of my need to never lose sight of “more.”

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