about our Father’s business

basic concept:
a quarterly, print-ready, pdf. file with 300-350 word interviews or 1st person narratives about the life of ministry

to encourage Adventists that don’t hold traditional ministry positions (pastor, chaplain, etc) to be about our Father’s business…to be connected to God personally and communally in ways that intentionally seek to build God’s kingdom

10 people each quarter
10 different fields (as different as possible)
different countries (to maintain a world-focus and become more aware of the work elsewhere)
diverse in color, culture and age (though mostly young professionals and younger)
gender balance

gather interviews/narratives with current pics for each (streamline the pics)
create contemporary layout, design, etc
create pdf. file
create central web space (an existing cite, facebook…whatever works best)
develop readership
post and email quarterly

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