linksys–thank you

i was just on the phone with a nice gentleman from the philippines. he spent the last 30+ minutes trying to get my wireless to work. it’s 5:30am in his world, 5:30pm in mine. i’m almost exhausted from clicking this and plugging in that, reloading this, shutting down that… and now i’m truly wireless and secure too (no one’s getting a free ride off of me and my roommate!)

did i mention that the tech is in the philippines? okay. i won’t go into whether or not outsourcing is good/economical/kind/ethical/etc…yeah, i won’t go there.
i’ll just say: thanks linksys for really great customer service. thanks for knowing how to deal with the mac world and for not telling me to call back on tuesday when the mac tech is in. thanks for being persistent in figuring out the issue. thanks for listening. thanks for leaving me a happy customer. i may even fill out that survey. till next time…

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