i don’t want to be that person

who lets anger control
who jumps to unnecessary conclusions
who has no patience
who says “that’s just the way i am”
who creates a domino effect of lateness
who, due to his/her lack of planning, disrupts another’s schedule
who doesn’t listen with more than ears
who’s so afraid to be wrong
who’s so afraid of not being in charge
who can’t accept “thank yous”
who’s hard to love
who can’t sit still
who can’t be spontaneous
who has to have the last word
who always has to fight
who goes with the flow even if the flow smells bad
who asks but doesn’t really care to know
who knows but doesn’t really want to care
who has two good eyes yet no peripheral vision
who doubts God

…but i am many of those things and so i know them when i see them in others. and i hate them (the traits, not the people). and it’s hard to love the people. but that’s what i’m supposed to do.

i don’t want to be that person
who doesn’t know how to love

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