just talked to my RN Ida. she’s lovely, a blessing to be around. she has this calm demeanour and she loves the Lord so beautifully. we spoke of contentment and doing God’s will be it big or small in our eyes.

as introverted as i can be, i love people.

my NA, LaRunda, is a trip and a half. she saw Debbie’s “it’s a boy” balloon and was struck with confusion. it was hilarious. LaRunda has an honesty about her that i adore. she’s crazy and she doesn’t care who knows it. if i were my typical closed self, how much of her joy would i see and/or receive.

it’s so cliché-ish that we baulk at it but attitude truly goes a long way. what i bring to the table and how i bring it more often than not determines what/how i eat.

Ida commented that one of the nurses (Betsy, i think) said she enjoys how much laughter comes from this room. i’m so f0rtunate, i know, to have so many people who love me and show it.

and now i can go home. just got the official word. have to wait till paper work is complete but it won’t be long! praise You God. praise You! i just want to be outside, enjoy friends in the fresh air, rake some leaves : )

going home

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