i’ve grown up proud of the fact that i’m not a stereotypically emotional woman. but there’s always something that triggers anger or rage or something exciting like that. last night it was the viewing of “Blood Diamonds.” all of a sudden, at the film’s end, i was royally ticked off by things i’d just seen/heard and injustice in general. after a moment of ranting i had to just shut up for fear that terrible things would escape my lips, for fear that those around me would be offended.

but oddly enough, i’d like to feel that surge of emotion more often. i’d like to be mad about more of the things i view day to day. and more than that, i’d like my emotions to cause me to act in helpful ways that counteract injustice, that attack real issues, that force us all to stop being so comfortable.

it’ll take a lot more energy than my selfishness currently allows…but i hope to get there sooner than later.

2 Replies to “emotions…”

  1. i just saw that movie last week. . .yes, wow. . .a harsh reminder to stop my silly complaining. . .i am totally fortunate to have all the freedoms that i do have. . .

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