i got 10 out of 10 on my Greek quiz today. considering the fact that it’s the quiz i felt the least prepared for (even though i really studied) i think of this as a miracle! i’ve got nothing but 9/10 every week, all semester.

it’s an online quiz and we get 3 tries! today i was rushing because i only had a few minutes before class and the quiz is over at class time. so i quickly checked my answers and had a very helpless “oh well” sort of feeling then pressed the button to put an end to what seemed like torture.

when i got my results, i stared at the screen for at least 30 seconds wondering if i was seeing right. “really? nothing is wrong? but i don’t even know what questions 8 and 10 were really about!”

praise the Lord! this quiz score is a small part of life but it definitely made me happy!

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